Konica 512i printer ensures and achieve high resolution speed printing experiences 4 pieces KM512i/30pl print head equals to 12 pieces 512/42pi print heads.

The 30pl ink drop size improves the visual impact in close distance .Also KM512i print head can achieve high quality printing for short distance viewing.

Other key features with original TAIWAN HIWIN linear guide are lowest noise, long life and super stability adopt high power & Intelligent infrared drying system.  Additional fan drying helps ensure immediate drying after printing.BNZ ensures prompt services after sales.

BNZ supplied these machineries to most of the leading Digital Printing Industries.

BNZ ALL IN ONE CHANNEL BENDER  elegantly design for real commercial production has high tensile stainless steel blade and aluminium blade with two bending rollers.  the machine is driven by Panasonic servo driver to run the stainless steel bending roller and has to separate control system for different material viz.  Stainless steel and aluminium.  The  working table ensure  easy maneuverability of the output goods.

BNZ – 1600DA Laminator has high quality silicon roller for durable use. The Pneumatic system helps easy  operation  lift up  and down the roller with balanced pressure.  Can laminate with no folding. Laminator can be used for hot and  cold laminate.It also automatically gathers base cover of the film.