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Display Stands

X-Banner Stands

The X-Banner Stand is a compact stand with graphite arms and aluminum legs. The center pole slides up, and is locked in place inside the tripod base.

It collapses down in one piece and comes with a zippered nylon canvas bag.


1. Aluminum frame, different colors are available
2. Easy to set up
3. Light Weight
4. Easy to carry
5. Water base or not with water base for choosing.

  • Available in 6”x 3”

Roll U up


Roll up stands are ideal for any promotion, product launches, road shows or exhibitions.


1. Export stand
2. High quality
3. Fast and easy to set up
4. Self contained
5. Comes with a padded carrying case
6. Low in cost, highly economical and convenient to use
7. All Aluminium models
8. Available in 6.5’ x 3’, 6.5’ x 2.5’, 5’ x 2’